Introducing Bellbird's first Book Club

Welcome to our Inaugural Bellbird Book Club event!!! Some light reading to get you started below.

The Bellbird Book Club as part of our 'Human Library' will be facilitated quarterly. We are very excited to have our first event up and running in exactly one month's time.

Our Book Club is a space for connection with others. Yes, we would love you to read our recommended book each month, but if you just want to come for a coffee, you use the time and space however you want!

Our book club is a free event (just bring enough money for a coffee on the day, if that is what your heart desires ).

The Bellbird Book Club is targeted at professionals in the health and social sector, but open to anyone our cause resonates with. If you are interested in the content of the book, but aren't much of a reader, that is no issue! We have cheat sheets and book reviews all made up everyone's' use!


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