It Is People! Conference

This event was held on Friday 24 November 2023 in Rotorua. 

For more information please select the link to the programme booklet and see the testimonials below.  

Look out for our event next year - you won't want to miss it!

Conference Feedback


"there was a great variety, it gave us autonomy to choose something we resonated with, the speakers were great, the 5min quick talks were AWESOME, lovely people, great food. We were up and down so never got boring sitting too long. Plus with the moving around it provided opportunity to talk to different people cos you weren’t always stuck with the same people so kinda forced collaboration and mingling (usual conferences have you sitting in the same spot all day). The presentations were actually meaningful and genuine. I think it was a great example of what success looks like when authenticity flows."

Celebrating people!

"There was so much acknowledgment for everyone who is doing the hard work on the front line and as we know, that’s often overlooked as we focus on the families we serve."


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